About Us

Sedir Resort is a very special place, a bit further out of Dalyan than most accommodation, set in lush fields and next to a fragrant liquid amber forest. This is a place where you are surrounded by wildlife. The perfect place for nature lovers.

It is set about 15 minutes by walk from Dalyan village centre, but this is not an inconvenience since a courtesy free shuttle service is available from the hotel. With all the facilities, Sedir will make an ideal base for both couples and families.

We are always on hand to make sure that guests have everything they need for an enjoyable stay..

Family Sedir... Barkin , Filiz ,Orcun and Baki Tarhan.The apartments are very spacious and have balconies which are facing the garden ,swimming pool and mountains. They benefit from air-conditioning and en-suite facilities. You can take a little walk to the forest, hire a bicycle, explore the area, pick your favourite reading corner in the huge garden or simply relax by the pool with a refreshing drink.